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Domain Manager

A Mac application designed to organize your domain names, hosting plans and many other related things.

Downloand from the Mac App Store
MacBook Pro with Domain Manager

Opening and Saving Files

When you open the application it automatically opens the last used database file or creates a new one if there is no previously saved file available. You can also create a new file any time using the File > New command from the main menu or open a previously saved file with the File > Open menu.

Usually you don’t need more than a single file for all your entries. However if you would like to isolate some items from the others by putting them in another file, you can do so. The application can open and edit multiple files at the same time. The files are autosaved after you saved them at least once unless you disabled this feature in macOS.

The files are saved in XML format and can be sent to another computer and can be opened by another installation of Domain Manager just like any document.