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Domain Manager

A Mac application designed to organize your domain names, hosting plans and many other related things.

Downloand from the Mac App Store
MacBook Pro with Domain Manager

User Interface

This application has a very simple and intuitive interface. There are separate tabs for the different entry types. The tabs are called:

We will refer to these different types of entries that you can add in the program as items.

Adding an item

When adding a new entry or when looking for a previously added entry, first you should select the relevant tab from the tab bar or from the View menu item located in the main menu.

To add a new item to the selected tab do one of the following:

The new item is automatically selected for you in the table so you can start filling in the details in the bottom part of the window right away.

You may provide as much or as little information about an entry as you wish. No field is mandatory. For more in depth information about the different entry types see their associated pages.

Removing items

To remove items from the program you need to select the relevant entries then do one of the following:

Before the selected items are deleted you are presented with a pop-up window to confirm or cancel the delete operation.


The left part of the application window is a sidebar that contains filters to help you to quickly find the items you need.

The sidebar’s contents are dynamic and is dependent on which tab is currently active. Domain names can be filtered by Owner, by Provider, by Hosting Plan and by Tags. Hosting Plans can be filtered by Owners, Providers and Tags. Owners and Providers can be filtered by Tags.

When a filter is active only items that are matching the filter criteria are displayed. The filter can be cleared by clicking on empty space in the sidebar. The filter is also cleared when you switch tabs, when you start typing in the search field or when you add a new item.

Search field

You can also filter the items in the currently selected tab by entering some characters in the search field.

As you enter the characters the string you type is used to narrow down the items in the table to those that have the relevant characters somewhere in their data. The characters in the search field are only used to search in text fields, the price and date fields are not searched.